Uncharted The Official Movie Novelization by S D Perry

Uncharted The Official Movie Novelization by S D Perry
epub | 2.4 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09MH6G8ZF | Author: S.D. Perry | Year: 2022


The official novelization of the hotly anticipated Uncharted, the new movie featuring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg adapting the bestselling video game series.


Nathan Drake has always been obsessed with treasure, and with the places out there that you can’t find on any map. They aren’t gone, just lost.

When Victor “Sully” Sullivan approaches Nate with a clue that could lead them to “the greatest treasure never found,” the two embark on an epic adventure that spans the globe. Together, they must track down the missing fortune.and possibly find Nate’s long-lost brother along the way.

Uncharted: The Official Movie Novelization tells the origin story of Nathan Drake, inspired by the best-selling video game series UNCHARTED.

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