Six Bits

English | 2015 | ISBN: 1517522692 | 216 pages | EPUB | 0.2 MB

The book consists of six stories 1. Sander (Novelette – 8K words) – a story about growing up in the asteroid belt and encountering a man who’s a complex mixture of good and evil 2. Exceltor (Novella – 19K words) – a story considering how warfare might work in a future where wormholes allow sudden bridging of large distances in space 3. Macos (Short Story – 8K words) – a coming of age story wherein a young man finds his father is a completely different man than he had always imagined 4. Porter (Novelette – 14K words) – a young girl can open small portals from one location to another with her mind but-to her father’s great disappointment-she just wants to play guitar 5. Billy Benoit (Novelette – 12K words) – a man who thinks it would be awesome to go back in time, finds out it isn’t as cool as he’d hoped – not at all. 6. Guitar Girl (Short Story – 4K words) – a cover band at a beach bar invites a pretty girl with a guitar to play a set with them – having no idea who she really is.

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