Probability Theory: Introduction to random variables and probability distributions

English | September 19, 2018 | ISBN: 172383372X | 61 pages | PDF | 0.4 Mb

This book is a guide for you on probability theory. It is a good book for students and practitioners in fields such as finance, engineering, science, technology and others. The book guides on how to approach probability in the right way. Numerous examples have been given, both theoretical and mathematical with a high degree of accuracy. If you have wished to know how to model random and uncertain events, this is the right book for you. The author guides you on how to tackle probabilistic problems using various forms of probability distributions. Probabilities are normally combined using rules. The author has helped you understand how to apply these rules to model your problems. The author has approached the subject in an easy way and by use of real world examples. Numerous stories have been given to help you know how the various distributions are connected and the kind of problems where each distribution should be applied. The author finally helps you know the areas in which probability is applied today. You will also know the various ways you can use probability in your day-to-day activities for your own benefit. It is the best book to help you know how to make better decisions when dealing with random and uncertain events. If you are a student, grab a copy of this book and know how to tackle probability-related problems.
The content of this book is:
What is Probability Theory
Basic Rules for Combining Probabilities
Probability Distributions for Discrete Variables
Binomial Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Normal Probability Distributions
Applications of Probability

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