PEM Fuel Cells: Fundamentals, Advanced Technologies, and Practical Application

English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ 0128237082 | 584 pages | True pdf, epub | 34.68 MB

PEM Fuel Cells: Fundamentals, Advanced Technologies, and Practical Application provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of PEM fuel cell, their working condition and application, and the latest breakthroughs and challenges for fuel cell technology. Each chapter follows a systematic and consistent structure with clear illustrations and diagrams for easy understanding.
The opening chapters address the basics of PEM technology; stacking and membrane electrode assembly for PEM, degradation mechanisms of electrocatalysts, platinum dissolution and redeposition, carbon-support corrosion, bipolar plates and carbon nanotubes for the PEM, and gas diffusion layers. Thermodynamics, operating conditions, and electrochemistry address fuel cell efficiency and the fundamental workings of the PEM. Instruments and techniques for testing and diagnosis are then presented alongside practical tests. Dedicated chapters explain how to use MATLAB and COMSOL to conduct simulation and modeling of catalysts, gas diffusion layers, assembly, and membrane. Degradation and failure modes are discussed in detail, providing strategies and protocols for mitigation. High-temperature PEMs are also examined, as are the fundamentals of EIS. Critically, the environmental impact and life cycle of the production and storage of hydrogen are addressed, as are the risk and durability issues of PEMFC technology. Dedicated chapters are presented on the economics and commercialization of PEMFCs, including discussion of installation costs, initial capital costs, and the regulatory frameworks; apart from this, there is a separate chapter on their application to the automotive industry. Finally, future challenges and applications are considered.
PEM Fuel Cells: Fundamentals, Advanced Technologies, and Practical Applicationprovides an in-depth and comprehensive reference on every aspect of PEM fuel cells fundamentals, ideal for researchers, graduates, and students.
Presents the fundamentals of PEM fuel cell technology, electrolytes, membranes, modeling, conductivity, recent trends, and future applications
Addresses commercialization, public policy, and the environmental impacts of PEMFC in dedicated chapters
Presents state-of-the-art PEMFC research alongside the underlying concepts

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