Noodles: A Perfect Harmony of Food

English | August 5, 2017 | ISBN: 1974295109 | 74 pages | EPUB | 1.81 Mb

Noodles are symbol of longevity in China and are always served during birthday and New Year’s celebrations. It is considered bad luck to cut noodles into shorter lengths because the Chinese believe the longer they are, the longer and happier your life will be.

Noodles are available in several varieties, both fresh and dried, made from wheat, buckwheat, or rice flour- or you can even make your own, of course, only if you have time.

Nowadays, noodles of various shapes and sizes are requested all over the world and are available in many restaurants. Life is fast now and those noodles that have been made exclusively by hand throughout the centuries now are produced industrially. In some restaurants, however, you can still see the chef making noodles at the customer’s table. He turns a piece of fresh dough from one hand to the other until the dough is about 2 meters long. This exercise, which requires a lot of skill, is a breathtaking show.

It is no secret that Chinese cuisine is rich in foods with surprising virtues. As a basic food of this gastronomy, Chinese noodles do not escape this rule. Consumed for almost 2000 years, these kinds of small pasta made of wheat, bean flour, or rice can effectively participate in providing you with a balanced diet while helping you to lose weight.

With this cookbook, you will have a better understanding of how the noodles can contribute to the success of your cooking and diet too.

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