Java & JVM (Programming)

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~ Welcome to Java & JVM ~
Java programs are written in the Java programming language, which is a plaintext language. Its source code is stored in a .java text file, which is then converted to another data format, the .class file, by the Java compiler called javac.

The information in the .class file is the same information from the .java file, but it has been converted into another format, called the ClassFile format. The ClassFile data format is not designed to be human readable, but it can be read with the program called javap.

If you are trying to learn Java programming, it turns out that understanding how the Java source code language is represented in the compiled .class files is very helpful, because the ClassFile format is what is used by the Java Virtual Machine to run your program.

Seeing how your source code is processed by the JVM will help you understand several fundamental concepts in Java, which is helpful when writing Java programs.

Table of Contents
Analysis of a .class file
JVM Memory Areas
Class Members
Class Meta-Members
Restricting Access to Classes
Restricting Access to Class Members
Organizing Classes into Packages
Organizing Packages into Modules
Storing Information in Fields
Manipulating Information with Methods
Exception and Error Handling

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