Investment Industry Claims Debunked: Smart Personal Finance Management For Ordinary Folks, Before and After Retirement

English | 2022 | ISBN: 3030767086 | 540 Pages | PDF EPUB | 20 MB

This book is for people who want to know what to do with the money they save: so that it’s there when they need it – to buy a home, pay for college, etc. – but also grows enough so they don’t outlive it. The investment industry is fixated on the importance of maintaining a "balance" of stocks and bonds, shifting to more bonds as one ages. This book challenges this belief by arguing that what’s actually important is to have just enough bonds and cash to support spending needs from a stable source, and to replenish these through the sale of stocks at propitious times when the stock market is not depressed. It features simple mathematical calculations, an explanation of basic financial objects like stocks, bonds, ladders, CDs, ETFs, or annuities, a discussion of how to evaluate financial risk, examinations of insurance, fraud deterrence, dollar cost averaging, benefits of a mortgage, risks of a pension, and general advice about healthcare.

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