Fundamentals of Logic and Computation: With Practical Automated Reasoning and Verification

English | 2021 | ISBN: 3030878813 | 375 Pages | PDF EPUB | 22 MB

This textbook aims to help the reader develop an in-depth understanding of logical reasoning and gain knowledge of the theory of computation. The book combines theoretical teaching and practical exercises; the latter is realised in Isabelle/HOL, a modern theorem prover, and PAT, an industry-scale model checker. I also give entry-level tutorials on the two software to help the reader get started. By the end of the book, the reader should be proficient in both software. Content-wise, this book focuses on the syntax, semantics and proof theory of various logics; automata theory, formal languages, computability and complexity. The final chapter closes the gap with a discussion on the insight that links logic with computation. This book is written for a high-level undergraduate course or a Master’s course. The hybrid skill set of practical theorem proving and model checking should be helpful for the future of readers should they pursue a research career or engineering in formal methods.

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