Debating Your Plate: The Most Controversial Foods and Ingredients

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1440874352 | 557 pages | True EPUB | 2 MB

Most people aspire to eat healthy, but what exactly does that mean? While some foods are universally acknowledged as beneficial, such as many vegetables, and others are widely condemned, such as added sugar, many foods have a more controversial reputation.

Debating Your Plate: The Most Controversial Foods and Ingredients offers in-depth coverage of some of the most hotly debated items on grocery store shelves and dinner plates. Each entry provides thorough background and contextual information before examining the unique issues and controversies that surround that food or ingredient. By presenting both sides of the argument in clear, unbiased language, the book allows readers to form their own opinions about which items to include in their diet and which to avoid. On a larger scale, the book also examines why nutrition science is so prone to controversy and ambiguity, and it offers readers guidance on how to evaluate health claims for themselves.

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