Build and Code Creative Robots with LEGO BOOST: Unleash your creativity and imagination by building exciting robotics projects

English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ 1801075573 | 429 pages | True PDF EPUB | 105.59 MB

Have fun with LEGO BOOST and Scratch programming while building smart robots that can interact with the world around you
Key Features

Get up to speed with building your first LEGO BOOST robotic model
Build interesting robotics prototypes that can perform tasks just like real-life machines
Discover exciting projects to bring classic LEGO bricks to life using motors and sensors

Book Description

LEGO BOOST is a feature-rich creative toolbox that helps kids to develop science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills in a fun way. The LEGO BOOST kit consists of motors, sensors, and more than 840 LEGO pieces to bring various multifunctional robots to life. This book will take you on an interesting and enjoyable journey where you will have fun building robots while developing your problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

This book is an end-to-end guide that will take you from a beginner to expert level of robot building with LEGO BOOST and Scratch. Starting with the unboxing and a brief introduction to LEGO BOOST, you’ll quickly get your first robotic model up and running. You’ll understand how to use the electronic and non-electronic components and have fun building a range of intriguing robotics projects with increasing complexity and advanced functionality. Throughout the book, you’ll work on a variety of amazing projects, such as building your own R2D2, a fictional character from Star Wars, that will pique your curiosity to learn robotics and help you explore the full potential of the LEGO BOOST kit. Once you’ve had fun working with the projects, you’ll be introduced to an interesting challenge for you to solve by yourself!

By the end of this book, you’ll have gained the skills to build creative robotics projects with the LEGO BOOST creative toolbox, and have built on your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
What you will learn

Unbox the LEGO BOOST kit and understand how to get started
Build simple robots with gears and sensors
Discover the right parts to assemble your robots
Program your BOOST robot using the Scratch 3.0 programming language
Understand complex mechanisms for advanced robots
Develop engaging and intelligent robots using electronic and non-electronic components
Create more than 10 complete robotics projects from scratch
Develop logical thinking and unleash your creativity

Who this book is for

This book will help 7 to 12-year-old children who want to learn robotics with LEGO BOOST develop their creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Teachers, trainers, and parents who wish to teach robotics with LEGO BOOST and Scratch will also find this book useful.

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